Kunsthalle Tbilisi – Inaugural Exhibition
Private and Corporate Collecting – Panel Discussion

Kunsthalle Tbilisi / Goethe Institut / Tbilisi Art Fair



Friday, May 18, 12:30- 1:30 PM
Critical writing: Georgia being on periphery of Roman, Byzantine, Ottoman, Russian, Soviet and, now European geo-cultural unities has been serving as a peripheral part of the “Western” world vision. Grasping information, non-refined by the center systems, has made the Georgian peripheral vision as a source of original creativity. Being periphery means freedom of initiation. How much this freedom of initiation is preserved in contemporary visual culture in Georgia? In today’s international fusion of culture is it our peripherallity that we are selling now?

Moderator: Lali Pertenava, independent curator and critic
Participants: Kate Sutton, Artforum International
Dr. Francisco Martinez, researcher in cultural heritage at the University of Helsinki. He is part of editorial teams of the Anthropological Journal of European Cultures and Soumen Anthropology.

Friday, May 18, 14:00- 15:00 PM
Private and Corporate Collections and their focus

Moderator: Irena Popiashvili, Founder of Kunsthalle Tbilisi
Participants: Rainald Schumacher, Curator, Private and Corporate Collections, Berlin
Anders Shroeder, Private Collector, London

Saturday, May 19, 12:30- 1:30 PM
Kunsthalle as a Museum of Contemporary Art – Institution and its goals

Moderator: Irena Popiashvili, Founder of Kunsthalle Tbilisi
Vanessa Müller, Curator, Kunsthalle Vienna
Dr. Eva Huttenlauch, Curator, Städtische Gallerie im Lembachhaus und Kunstbau
Bettina Steinbruge, Director, Kunstverein Hamburg
Sebastian Cichocki, Curator, Warsaw Museum of Contemporary Art
Margot Norton, Curator, New Museum, New York
Pavel Prigara, Director, Manege Central Exhibition Hall, St. Petersburg

Outside view of Installation by Nika Kutateladze for Kunsthalle Tbilisi

Dr. Eva Huttenlauch, Curator, Städtische Galerie im Lembachhaus und Kunstbau, Rainald Schumacher, Curator Office for Art, Vanessa Müller, Curator, Kunsthalle Vienna